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Gasgep Industries Pty Ltd -- incorporating its manufacturing arm, Stahl Engineering-- offers fantastic potential in leading manufacturing practices in Gas Welding and Cutting Equipment throughout Australia. This is achieved through our extensive equipment and resources for General Engineering, such as our CNC Turning and Milling machining, and Production Engineering.

Our specialty is the manufacturing of specific customer requirements; maximising efficiency and performance in production and enabling innovative uses of Industrial Gases in the Manufacturing Industry.

Gasgep Industries and Stahl Engineering are committed to satisfying customer requirements and providing quality and reliability in service.

Modern Machining

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Our equipment and machinery facilitate our own Production CNC Turning and Milling and General Engineering for a wide range of materials. We engineer plastics, stainless steels, brass, aluminium and other ferrous metals and alloys.

Modern Machinery
Carbon Dioxide Regulator

Our experience in the Gas Welding Industry is long standing and comprehensive. This allows us flexibility and ultimate control of the final product, attested by our diverse range of manufactured components; covering office furniture, motor vehicles, food preparation machinery, industrial water fixtures and general machinery.

  • Balloon Gas Regulators
  • Beverage Systems
  • Refrigerant Gas Regulators
  • Refrigerant Accessory Products
  • Laboratory Regulators
  • Manifold Systems
  • Gas Cutting Equipment
  • Dual and Single-Stage General Industrial Gas Regulators
  • Double and Single MFB and CFA Hydrant Heads
  • 18" Racing Wheels
  • Relevant Spare Parts and Accessories
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